About Me

I want to work with you for at least three months to create habits that will last a lifetime. A Well Run Life is not the place to focus on getting six-pack abs. We are focused on healthy living with the intent of living long vibrant lives. We focus on behavior change rather than supplementation.

Previous clients have said these things about our time together:

Pete provided the right mix of listening skills followed by well researched and balanced advice and encouragement on nutrition and exercise to get me moving and stay on track. I would highly recommend Pete for a Well Run Life!

– Frank H.
Enola, PA

Amazing!  Pete was able to pinpoint the cause of my issues immediately.  He gave me suggestions and direction to help me achieve my goals.   

I feel so much better already.  It was a great experience, one I would definitely recommend. 

-Mary H.
Scottsdale, AZ

Sometimes we just need a different perspective to help us identify some simple changes we can make to our health and wellness plan that will be the difference maker in a healthier you. Pete is a compassionate guy who took the time to understand me, my goals, my shortfalls, and is a trusted resource in my quest for a healthier me!

– Peterman
Austin, TX

Pete’s guidance was specific to my needs. He helped me assess what I needed, plan for long term success and guided me through the process patiently. I am healthier and happier for the experience.

– Scott M.
Phoenix, AZ

My program is titled The Body Restoration Project. Here are some of my perspectives on the health of the nation. It is my opinion that people in our country are the same as they were in 1980, but the environment in which they live in conspires against them. We have tripled our obesity rate since 1980. Could we have really changed that much? Or, has our food environment changed that much.

In a country spending $322 Billion Diabetes every year, being healthy has become a revolutionary act. Let’s resist those forces that are based on profit rather than health and wellness.

Let’s revolt.

Please Meet A Well Run Life’s Medical Director

Naturopathic Physician Dr. Maggie Garvin Owner of On Being Well

I look forward to helping you meet your goals.

Let’s get to work.