The Body Restoration Project

The Body Restoration Project is a one-on-one Coaching program designed top transform your life.

Our focus is on changing behavior over time. We stay with you step by step.

You will meet with us once every two weeks. We will groove new ways of thinking about food, new ways of preparing for your eating-life and new ways of being mindful about the daily risks present in our food culture.


The educational components of The Body Restoration Project include:

1.      Just Do It in the Kitchen: Cooking Demonstration and the Value of Flavor
2.      Anti-Aging Consultation with Dr. Maggie Garvin
3.      Portion Control and Meal Planning Session
4.     Self-Care Kit
5.     Emancipation from Constipation: Your Guide to Healthy Digestion
6.     The Grain Game: Should You be Concerned About Your Daily Bread?
7.     Should you Cry Over Spilled Milk? Is Dairy Hurting You?
8.     Moving Day: What is your Exercise Plan?
9.     Manage Your Energy: Success is Time Well Spent
10.     You Are What You Eat- Eats: Where Should you Buy Your Food?
11.     Growing Your Own: Beginning Gardening

As well as the guided two-week Body Restoration Detox.