Being Healthy Is An Act Of Revolution #revolt



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“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

R. Buckminster Fuller

Health Coaching is a new layer in health care.

Our goals are to work with motivated people who understand the connection between the food they eat, the way they feel and their overall wellbeing.

We believe that we need a revolution in the way that we think about the way we grow food, prepare and eat food.

Obesity has tripled since 1980. Human beings did not change their behavior, nor their DNA in that short period of time.

The environment in which they lived changed that dramatically.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.


Our approach is not one based on supplementation. After our time together, you will spend more time planning and preparing for the food in your life than you do now.

The rules of human health depend on eating healthy, whole foods.

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”

― Ann Wigmore

Our Medical Director is Naturopathic Physician Dr. Maggie Garvin. Her practice, On Being Well, is located in Chandler, AZ.

We are interested in changing lives and bringing about deep change in our culture by partnering with people  – one at a time – and teaching what are the lifestyle pitfalls that end in disease and what are the roads that lead to optimal health.

We put together this tongue-in-cheek video about how the “kale” lobby is weaker than the Big Pharma and Big Agriculture lobby is in this country.

We believe the Best You is Coming Soon.

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Laughing With Babies

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It was a big week in our family.

I have a new niece as of last week.

My brother-in-law and his wife added a perfect little cutie-pie to the family. Mother and baby are happy and healthy. And we are so happy to have the new one.

I am rarely accused of being relaxed or calm. Even in repose, I am thinking of what to do next.

One antidote to my monkey-mind has always been taking a nap with a baby on my chest.

I’ve yet to squish one and my body’s instincts seem to keep them safe even when I am unconscious. It was one of my great discoveries when I first became a parent a very long time ago.

And so, I have another chance to relax for a small bit.

In the hospital where she was born, my sister leads roughly 200 nurses that work with babies in all states of health and sickness.

Walking with my sister and seeing premature babies and the expressions on their families’ faces reminded me that truly have no problems.

It reminded me that my worrying is generally wasted and misplaced.

As you would expect, my life’s journey holds my attention most often.

In the presence of the newly born, I find it easier to remember how each person is on their OWN unique journey. Seeing someone at the very beginning of all that awaits them causes me to contemplate what their lives will contain.

Focus and care on another.

That turns out to be the best way to relax.

I hope you are happy and well wherever you may be.



I am renaming The Teeny Tiny Collection. It will be called the Mustard Seeds going forward. You can see the entire collection here. Laugh Key Chain

New Podcast: Here’s Looking at You

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I am not saying I am competitive, but I was 48 when it happened.

He was 50.

By “it” – I mean having to buy reading glasses.

By “him” – I mean my Dad.

The optometrist handled me well. I told him that I was there to confirm I did not need glasses.

He appropriately and politely ignored me while conducting the exam.

The journey from non-spectacled to bespectacled took less than 30 minutes and did not in fact kill me.

And so, on July 9th 2019 my denial – that my eyes need help reading the newspaper on Sundays – came to an end.

For most of my life, my eyes were superbly sharp. And so, I saw myself as person who would never need glasses.

Now, I can see how silly my complaints about “poor lighting” and my smug attitude of invincibility look.

But, there was an unforeseen gift in the transition this week

As a dyslexic, my typos are legendary in number and the degree of embarrassment they have caused me.

But from now on, if you see something amiss in my writing – it’s probably because I forgot my glasses.

Here’s looking at you.