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Peter M. Deeley is a husband to the world’s most beautiful woman, and the father to a blended family that includes five children.

These people are the reason he gets up every day and works as hard as he can to make great things happen in the world.

He approaches everything he does with passion and a desire for excellence. Being a part of helping people achieve their Real Estate goals. It may be for investing. It may be to sell their home so that they may find their dream home. It may be to purchase their first home.

Peter aligned himself with a national leader in the industry: The Curtis Johnson Team.

He views being a part of The Curtis Johnson Team as a great privilege. The Curtis Johnson Team is the Number #1 Buyer Team in the state. With 1.2 Million Agents in the country, The Wall Street Journal ranked The Curtis Johnson Team in the top 50 and The Better Business Bureau gives an A+ rating. Spending $50,000 a month to advertise on 350 websites that address both a US and international Audience, The Curtis Johnson team sells about 1 home every day and have sold roughly 4000 homes over nearly 20 years.

As a part of The Curtis Johnson Team, he approaches your pursuit of your Real Estate goals with passion, innovation and proven track record of uniquely excellent success.

Besides bringing the extraordinary value of The Curtis Johnson team, he is a thoughtful person.

He knows that Real Estate is not about houses.

It is about homes.

It is about where people feel safe, secure and happy.

It is about helping people find a place where they will thrive.

“I want to bring beautiful things into the world.” This statement is his personal mission statement. His parents trained him to aspire to renaissance-ism. Following that guidance, he tackles many challenges in life. His podcast A Well Run Life is listened to internationally and has been heard over 10,000 times. His two audio books, The Leadership Miracle and A Quiet Murmuration: the First Fifty can be found on Audible.com Locally, he guides the Grace Farms project – growing food Aquaponically and Aeroponicly. His wife, Naturopathic Physician Dr. Maggie Garvin shares a passion for improving their community in as many ways as they can.

Real Estate passion may have been transmitted genetically. His Grandfather, a World War II veteran, owned Roma Realty in New York and his father spent 30 years in planning and zoning for the City of Scottsdale. His mother, a professor of creative writing for over 20 years and successful poet, encouraged him from a little child to “Use Your Words.”

Having developed as an executive in a Fortune 500 environment, he is thrilled to be serving individuals rather than pouring over spreadsheets. He strives to learn each individual’s wants, needs, desires, values and expectations.

He views the right to serve you as a privilege and is ready to passionately work towards helping you achieve your goals and dreams.